About Us

Improve That Price was launched in January 2012, with the aim of helping businesses save time and money when purchasing their supplies. We currently have products for beverages, alcoholic drinks, grocery, frozen food, chilled foods and snacking. We will be adding more categories in the future.

We are the first comparison website to exclusively focus on this sector, understanding that businesses need to save money, and that the industry is changing to become more directed to online purchasing.

The founders of the business have many years of experience in the catering industry and wish to help other business owners use technological advancements to provide a more efficient working environment.

We are 100% independent from the suppliers that you see on the site. None of the suppliers or manufacturers owns a stake in our business, or has paid in any way to get to the top of any of our listings. We pride ourselves on the fairness of our site, and in providing the customer with a full range of options to choose from.