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About Improve That Price
What is improve that price?
Improve That Price is the first B2B price comparison website for wholesale food, drink, catering equipment, packaging and cleaning & hygiene. Users now have the ability to compare prices from over 60 different suppliers from one place. Uniquely, we offer a place to compare a whole shopping list of items, rather than just individually.
Why should I use Improve That Price instead of the supplier's own website?
A supplier's website can only show you the products that they are selling, and the prices shown are theirs. With Improve That Price, you get the first benefit of being able to view products from a large range of suppliers, meaning you are more likely to find the exact product you want. Secondly you can compare the prices of the products, both individually and as a whole shopping list. This way, you can ensure you will be buying your items from the cheapest place. Thirdly, you can see collectively the special offers which suppliers are offering, all in one place.
Will Improve That Price be increasing the number of categories?
Yes, we plan to add further categories targeting restaurants, such as clothing, glassware and tableware.
How up-to-date are your product prices?
All food and drink prices are updated every day, as these change frequently. Other categories are updated once a week.
What changes have you made to the site recently?
We always aim to make changes to our website to improve the performance of our site. Our recent changes are the following:

  • Collection: This is a recent addition, which means we can now compare collection prices as well as delivery prices. This expands our suppliers to those who only cater for collection, such as Booker and Bestway.
  • Analtyics Reports: We have a new feature called ITP Analytics. This is mainly targeted at suppliers and manufacturers, who want to be able to get insights into the pricing of products across a whole category. There is a free one month trial, followed by a monthly subscription.
  • Price tracker: This feature allows you to enter your email address for a product, and if the price of the product drops, we will send you an automated email. It is useful as often prices drop for any special offers.
  • Special offers: We now have a special offers page, which collects special offers from different suppliers.
Do you have any plans to add any more suppliers in the future?
Yes, we are continually adding more suppliers onto the website to provide the largest choice to our customers.
Are you independent from the suppliers on the site?
Yes, we are 100% independent from all of the suppliers listed on the website. This means that you can be guaranteed you will get the cheapest price possible, without any favouritism or biased towards any of the suppliers. It also means that results are always displayed accurately, without any one suppliers products being higher up on the pages.
How can I save money using Improve That Price?
Our aim is to save your business money. You can do this by adding the products you want to buy into the shopping list, and we will show you the current cheapest place to buy these products. By having this information, and making your purchase based on it, you will be saving money.
Shopping with Improve That Price
How do I find more information about a product?
Click on a product image or name of the product to see the item details. This page includes the supplier details and item reviews and product details. To view product details, just click on the 'Product Information' tab.
How do I compare the price of a single product?
To find the product either use the dropdown menu from the categories or type the required product into the search box. When the product is displayed click on it and a list with suppliers will appear with the cheapest listed first. Prices are divided into Collection and Delivery, so you know exactly what you are comparing.
How do I compare the price of a whole shopping list?
You can click on the button at the top of the page called 'Compare Shopping List' at any time whilst you are using the site. This will take you to the page which shows how much this shopping list would cost if you were to purchase all of it from the suppliers that sell at least one of the products in your shopping list. It will show you how many missing items there are, and how many replacement items. From this page you can also view the 'Best Available' shopping list.
What is the 'Best Available' option?
The main shopping list comparison page shows you how much it would cost to purchase all of the items in your shopping list from each supplier. However, this doesn't take into consideration that some items may be cheapest from one supplier, and other items cheapest from a different supplier. The 'Best Available' option shows you how your shopping list would look if you took each item individually, and just purchased it from the place where it was cheapest. The total shopping list price is therefore always the cheapest possible available.
Why am I not adding a product from one supplier to my shopping list?
The way that the Improve That Price website works is to compare your whole shopping list, and not products. Therefore, you will only know the best place to buy after adding everything, and comparing all of the items together. If you were to add to your shopping list an item from one supplier, then you would not be able to compare the whole shopping list at the end.
What are product replacements?
For unbranded products, there can sometimes be no exact match for them between suppliers. In these cases, we try to suggest a replacement product. The replacement is what we think of as being the equivalent. For example, if you added 'JJ Fried Chicken Breast Fillets 2kg' to your shopping list, then we would not be able to match this to another supplier exactly, because they would not sell JJ Food Service's chicken breast. However, we could replace this with 'Simple Simon Chicken Breast Fillet 1kg'. Even though the quantity unit is different, we would take that into consideration, and automatically the adjust the quantity in your shopping list to be the same.
How do I complete my shopping with Improve That Price?
On the shopping list comparison pages you will find buttons to download your shopping list in a user friendly format, such as PDF. You can then use this list to purchase your products from the supplier's own website / store. Also on this page will be the contact details of the supplier, so that you contact them easily.
Can I export my shopping list into a file e.g. Excel?
You can currently export your shopping list as a PDF, which you can then print. We are working on being able to export to other formats such as Excel.
Technical Issues
I have forgotten my password/How do I find out what my password is?
We will help you get a new password. To get a new password, please click the 'Sign In' link on the top right hand corner of any page. When the 'Sign In' pop up opens, click 'Forgot your password?' link (just below the 'Remember Me' link). Then enter your email below and click the 'Get Password' button. Instructions for changing your password will be sent to your email. A link to create your new password will be emailed to you - and when you click on this link, you will be taken to a page which will allow you to set a new password.
I wish to unsubscribe from Improve That Price newsletter from my mailing list
To unsubscribe from any of the email alerts of newsletters, just click on the 'click here to unsubscribe link' at the bottom of our emails.
How do I change details in my account?
To change any of your account details, just click on 'My Account', at the top right corner of the page. Under 'My Account' you will be able to delete and replace any information you choose, including your personal details, your email preferences and stores login details.
What happens if I disable cookies or JavaScript?
You will not be able to use the site fully, as some features will not work.
What browser versions are supported by Improve That Price?
Currently all the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari are supported. If you experience any performance issues while using Improve That Price website, try to update your browser's version to the latest one.
I can't add a product into my shopping list?
Please check that you have not disabled your JavaScript on your browser.

For any help that is not covered here, please feel free to email us at