Deal or no deal: what will price-comparison do to wholesale?


A cover story on the effect of price comparison websites for wholesale. Published on 3rd September 2013. Click here to read.




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Entrepreneurs helping small businesses find a price that's right


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19th May 2013






Original article can be seen here. Published in The Grocer magazine on 11th May 2013




 Original article can be seen here. Published in The Grocer magazine on 14th Feb 2013




Extract taken from article on JJ food service entitled 'JJ leads the way'.

"The new site coincides with JJ’s involvement in improve­, the UK’s first price-comparison site for the food and drink market.

“We were approached by them to supply food and drink prices because we have such an honest pricing policy,” says ­Larkin.

The best thing, he adds, is that JJ is coming out on top of many searches. “They’ve done us a big favour – we’re hitting a much bigger audience compared with using our website alone.” Price-comparison is expected to become increasingly important to wholesalers’ customers as caterers become “more discerning over price”, adds Larkin."


 Original article can be seen here. Published in Better Wholesaling on 26th October 2012










 Original article can be seen here. Published in The Grocer magazine on 2th October 2012





Kitchen Equipment: When its time to replace or invest in key items


Installing a completely new kitchen is great if you have the funds and the time to do it, but for many, a dream kitchen can remain just that.


Full article can be seen here. Published in Big Hospitality on 21st February 2012  






Independent caterers team up in bid to

11 Feb 2012 | By Elinor Zuke


Three independent caterers have launched the first price comparison site for the catering industry after becoming frustrated in their efforts to compare suppliers’ offerings. was set up by Yoni Cohen, founder of The Bread Shop, and Faisal Haque and Moin Haque, who own gourmet wrap company Wrap It Up.

“We were always buying equipment but could only compare different suppliers by making notes on each one,” Cohen said. “It was frustrating - there were price comparison sites for everything except business catering.”

The site currently monitors the prices of 6,700 products across nine suppliers, including Makro and 3663. Its owners are looking to expand to new categories, including food, and more suppliers.

Users can browse products by category or type and, after viewing the price offered by each supplier, can click through to the supplier’s own site to order online. 

Companies needed to shop around, said Cohen. “In an environment where businesses are being squeezed it is imperative that expensive items, such as kitchen equipment, are competitively priced.”


Full article can be seen here. Published in The Grocer magazine on 11th February 2012   





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